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7 things you should expect from good business copywriters

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Successful businesses employ professional copywriters, as in-house staff, as consultants, or as a service provided by marketing agencies.They know that, in this highly competitive, fast-moving, digital world, it is vital that they get their message across quickly, clearly and in a compelling way.

T'is the season for promo items

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When national hire company Hird needed promo and giveaway items for their forthcoming exhibition

Browser popularity - Chrome just keeps on coming

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Here’s our UK browser popularity (February 2015) infographic all shiny and updated.It shows Chrome

Mobile Friendly - What Google's new Algorithm means for you?

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It's coming ... 21 April 2015 to be precise. Google's highly-anticipated new algorithm will begin rolling out on that date.Over recent years, website owners and web developers have learnt to take notice when Google makes algorithm changes. Panda (2011) reportedly affected the rankings of almost 12 percent of all search rankings whilst Penguin (2012) affected around 3%, according to Google's own figures.

8 reasons why election strategies have been dominated by fear

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The 2015 British election campaign, which is about to come to a end, has seen politicians facing a

Great minds - creative photography from Shropshire to Paris

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So the saying goes, great minds think alike: the Daily Mail has published images created by the

Christmas TV Adverts hit our screens

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Yes, it’s that time of year again. As the embers are being extinguished on the bonfires, some of the UK’s largest retailers begin the roll out of their Christmas TV adverts. The anticipation of these festive adverts now fill our news programs and newspapers at this time, partly as a nod to huge sums of money invested. Retailers plunge seven figure values in the making of their mini masterpieces and purchase airtime of between 4 to 8 times that value.

How to drive customer interest with infographic design

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Would you believe it? Owners of Audis are most likely to wash their cars, while owners of Mercedes

How to remove POP3 account emails from a server

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 Managing storage space is one of the biggest bugbears for people with Outlook email accounts.

How to remove IMAP emails from an email server and save them in a local folder

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Managing storage space is one of the biggest bugbears for people with Outlook email accounts. If you

Posters that are out of this world

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We're loving these great posters. As a British astronaut hurtles around the Earth at a speed of

PDF newsletters hit the mark

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Building relationships with customers is essential in business, and devices for doing that include eshots, or PDF newsletters.Winning a new customer can take a good deal of energy, so it stands to reason that you'd want the customer to like you, understand fully what services you can offer, and to recommend you to their contacts.

4 reasons why some CEOs communicate like 16-year-olds

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My son has put himself forward to be a senior school prefect. It impressed me greatly. When I was

Leicester City - the power of storytelling

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The strong possibility that Leicester City will win the English Premier League title is one of the biggest stories in world sport.Around the globe, journalists and sports fans are marvelling at the team's achievements.The furore around their success is also a lesson in the power of storytelling - and how people and organisations can gain much more recognition if they can tell stories about their achievments.

Coldplay @ Glastonbury - the content marketing concert

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In the world of music and performance, Coldplay appearing at Glastonbury is a big deal. But with clever use of digital marketing, it can become a global phenomenon.