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It had been over a month since we'd moved into to our shiny new offices in Telford Town Centre. With only a couple of boxes remaining unopened – one of which is the Christmas baubles – we set about our signage project. Or, as one of our early visitors put it: "When are you going to whack your logo on the walls then?"

In common with signage projects for our clients, we set about steering a path between style (looking good), being informative (sending people the right way) and cost-effective (lettering in real gold was vetoed from the off). We approached our neighbours here at Blount House (we’re on the upper floor), Columb & Gosling Telford accountants, and our sister company Shropshire Printing.

And so, advised by matm designer Lindsay Crayton, we hatched a plan to design and make our signage, and arrange for our signage installers to put them up. External signs we selected were:

  • Large aluminium tray signs attached to the exterior of the building – the big ones you can see when you’re on the way to Sainsbury’s, B&Q or (hopefully not) the courts
  • Small aluminium tray signs sitting alongside the door buzzer
  • Sensible and welcoming car parking signs – manufactured from dibond aluminium, so our visitors can park free of charge.

Then, moving inside:

  • Acrylic wall signs pointing people up the stairs – hang a left for your accounts, hang a right for design, web, PR and print

And finally...

  • Acrylic lettering sitting proud of our feature-painted walls. And, yes, here at matm we did have to buy the painter from Albinroy Interiors a set of sunglasses when he was on coat number 6

We’re really rather proud of the outcome. If you’d like the same care and attention to your site signage, drop Stuart an email or call him on 01952 883526.